Explore cairns in your own vehicle

Cairns, is perfect for family holidays and for spending some quality time with family; it has scenic beauty and a number of thrilling and adventurous activities to do. There is river rafting, zipline and skyrail for people to do and also there is a hippie town where there are a number of hippie cafes and markets for one to give. There is also the cairns car hire facility for the tourist where a number of car companies offer rental cars to the public at affordable prices. This facility is inexpensive and it also makes travelling in the city a lot easy and convenient. All types of cars are available for the people according to the size of the groups; there are cars for large as well as small groups.

Guidelines for hiring a car

Those looking for cairns car hire should follow the following guidelines that would prove to be helpful:

  • It is better to plan in advance and book the cairns car hire The earlier the booking is made the more feasible to get a car; because during the peak season a lot of bookings are made so the supply of cars gets limited. Even if the reservation is made in advance there is nothing to lose because the money doesn’t have to be paid until the vehicle is received. One can even terminate the reservation seven days before the pickup date.
  • It is better to make the payment through the debit card rather than the credit card as while paying through a credit card one has to make a 2 percent surcharge in addition to the car hire charges. This is like a security deposit and it takes a long time for the company no to discharge back the money.
  • No matter how cautious one is accidents do take place; so it is better to apply for the premium reduction waiver in order to reduce the liability. This PRW would help to restrict the amount of damages if in case any violation of traffic rules is made or law or ordinances are damaged.
  • In case more than one person is driving the vehicle it is better to provide the additional driver details; drivers who would be operating the vehicles. If this is not done and any damage happens then any PRW provided would be considered invalid.
  • Choose an appropriate pick up and drop off time so that you do not have to rush and pick and drop the vehicle.
  • Be sure to learn the traffic laws in cairns and throughout Australia so that they are not broken unknowingly.
  • Always remember to pay the parking fees, and it is better to not park unlawfully so that you do not have to regret later on.
  • For hiring a car one should have a valid appropriate driver’s license and should atleast be of 21 years of age.

These are the following guidelines that should be known and followed seriously.