Migration to Canada under Express Entry Sytem

Why Canada is a preferred destination for immigration?

Canada is a land of opportunities which helps you in acquiring monetary as well as social benefits. It is due to the adoption of innovative technologies and promising legal infrastructure that more and more people want Canada PR. The procedure may be cumbersome but you will get the benefits that you desire for.

You can look forward for this guide which talks about the express entry visa for Canada. This procedure helps you in migrating to Canada if you are a skilled worker. The criteria and the procedure to apply under Express entry shall be looked into later sections.

Why Express entry came into being?

With the rising interest of the people to move into Canada, Express entry system was introduced by the Canadian government in the year 2015. Since then more and more people have expressed their will to migrate to Canada in search of betetr opportunities. Express Entry System is an easy procedure which makes the applicant to relocate to Canada in a very short time.

But this program is meant exclusively for the applicants who are skilled and have a good work experience. The eligibility criteria to apply under this program is different but has helped lots of people to move into Canada.

Eligibility criteria for express entry system

Under this system, you need to be employed and you must have the job offer from a Canadian employer. Your profile will be judged based upon your age, qualification, and work experience and so on. Assessment procedure will estimate your profile and accordingly you will be alotted the score. To apply for Canadian PR, you need to score a minimum of 67 points.

Migration to Canada under Express Entry Sytem

Benefits of express entry system

Benefits of Express Entry system are immense and you are stated as below:

  • You will get ample health care benefits which cuts down the your income spending
  • You will be able to travel far across the work with a Canadian passport in your hand
  • You will be able to relocate to the country in less than 6 months
  • You can also sponsor your relatives to migrate to Canada
  • You can also avail free education for yourself and your family
  • You become eligible to work and live here
  • You also become eligible to apply for pension plans and other retirement benefits
  • The most prominent benefits of applying for Canada PR through Express Entry system is that you can also apply for Canada citizenship
  • If you are applying under this express entry Canada immigration system, you are eligible to earn your income in dollars

From the above benefits of applying under Express Entry system, you can enjoy the benefits which are immense and wide. Though some exceptions are there in the rights which are meant exclusively for Canadian nationals, still your rights will be wide. You can look forward for getting immigrated to Canada in order to make sure you have better health standards.