Scared of Flying? In Fact, Flying is Indeed A Lot Saferthan Driving a Car or Riding a Train!

If you’re thinking about driving rather than flying, because it’s safer, you might just be in for a huge surprise!

And if you’re looking at say a 5 hour drive (and that’s without the possibility of any traffic!) to be where you want to be, which can be undertaken in a plane in under an hour then go right ahead.

  • Flying even gives you the option of having an available toilet on-board without having to ever stop and there’s obviously no possibility of encountering a traffic jam!

So many have people thought that driving would be much more economical and easier than flying such a short distance, but later on finding that they made the wrong choice.

A Journey by Road Will Cost You More Than you Just Might Think

As all of you out there who drive a car are very well aware, the price of fuel and repairs nowadays are at an all-time high and this is why there has been a growth in people making good use of budget airlines, such as BMI, around Great Britain and Europe.


The costs of a road trip can soon add up one credit card swipe at a time, and going by car just isn’t as cheap as you might think.

  • Petrol is now almost at 120p a litre, and when you include things such as the wear and tear on the vehicle, snacks andmeals, it soon works out a lot more than you think.

Food Matters

Airports aren’t usually that well known for providing super healthy cuisine, but you can normally find somewhere with a pretty healthy selection in the majority of airports.

By road you just won’t find such places alongside the motorway, and if you do, that means that you will have to add time to your journey anyway. If you like to eat junk food, you might find a drive through along your route!

Much Better Use of Your Time Whilst Flying

Not only will aeroplane travel result in a much shorter total amount of travel time by far, but that time spent up in the air, can be utilised more productively than in a car.

  • For instance, there’s no chance of napping and driving, and even for a car passenger it is a lot harder to get work carried out in the confines of a moving vehicle than in a plane.

On the plane you can relax and nap, type, and it’s even possible to work online on a growing number of flights. That inevitably means that you won’t have to bother about catching up so much after getting to your destination.

Time is On Your Side

Nowadays, most people would rather have more time at their destination than spent going to and from it and losing valuable time.

Yes, time is spent in going to the airport, boarding, etc., but flying at 500 mph is just so much cooler than puttering along at 70 mph!