Visiting Mallorca? Book a Villa for Your Stay

The island of Mallorca is known for its rich culture, stunning beaches and majestic mountains. Mallorca is home to 262 beaches. Some of the most popular ones include Son Serra de Marina, Cala Agulla, Playa de Muro, Portals Vells and Formentor. Cala Agulla is surrounded by mountains and pine trees. Portals Vells has numerous caves that you can explore. Those who love to wander around should include The Serra de Tramuntana in their must-visit list. It offers hiking and biking trails.

If you are planning to stay in Mallorca for a few days, you need to find a good accommodation option. There are private villas in Mallorca that can provide the comfort and privacy you need. These villas are equipped with internet connection, bathrooms, TV, kitchens and other amenities and facilities. In a private villa, you don’t need to worry about other guests. The villa is at your disposal and is usually away from all kinds of external distractions. Such settings can make your holiday more fun and comfortable.

Some private villas have swimming pools, which is something that you will not get in a shared pool in a hotel. Staying in Mallorca villas with pool is a good option for families with kids. Your kids can enjoy fun water activities, while you can relax by the pool and simply watch over them. Pools in private villas are usually safer and much cleaner than shared pools in hotels that are sometimes too chaotic and crowded for your taste.

Private villas are also equipped with personal staff that can take care of your laundry, transportation, cleaning, food and other needs. Chefs and cooks can be arranged to accommodate your dietary requirements. Staying in a villa allows you to do things at your own pace. You can find villas that can accommodate everyone in your group and your bags without feeling crowded. The next time you’re planning a holiday, you should consider staying in a lovely private villa.

If you want to book a villa in Mallorca, just visit Vida Villas offers a large selection of private villas in Mallorca, so you will definitely find one that suits your needs and budget. Activities can be arranged to make your holiday special and keep everyone happy. You can enjoy power boating, rock climbing, fishing trips, wind surfing and sailing. Vida Villas also offers concierge and babysitting services. If there’s something you’d like to do, you can tell the staff about it and they will do their best to make it happen.