When Was the Last Time You Walked Through West Crete?

A holiday should not be stressful. It should be relaxing and inviting. You can achieve this sort of experience by enjoying a walking holiday in Greece. One of the trips that is featured in this part of the world is a seven-night excursion in West Crete. This walking holiday is offered from April to the last part of October.

Travel Along the Irini Gorge

Walkers view the cerulean waters of the Libyan Sea whilst gazing at the clear blue skies. Besides walking and seeing the natural sights, participants also have plenty of opportunity to enjoy remote shores and swim. Walkers on this trip travel the Irini Gorge to the lovely Omalos plateau. After an overnight stay, they continue their journey down the Samaria Gorge to the shoreline. Heading further east, they travel by boat to the village of Loutro. The Aradhena Gorge is featured during the final walk of the trip.

Visiting Corfu Town

You can also enjoy island scenery by taking a walking holiday on Corfu and Paxos. This walking holiday features natural attractions along the Corfu Trail, situated on the island of Corfu. During your jaunt, you can also explore Corfu Town. The enchanting community is defined by intertwining streets that feature markets, outdoor cafes, and Byzantine buildings.

The other island, Paxos, features Venetian buildings, pristine white shores, and deep blue waters. After visiting the picturesque island, walkers return to Corfu where they can admire more of the lovely landscape and enjoy the hospitality.

Level One Walks

Most of the walking holidays in Greece are three to six hours long and average 17 kilometres. Shorter or circular walks are about 10 kilometres long. When selecting a self-guided tour, you will notice that they are graded. The grades range from level one to level four. Typically, level one walks are short and last about three to four hours if you exclude breaks. Most of the walks feature flat or mildly hilly paths that are well maintained.

Level Two Walks

A level two walk, as you might guess, is more challenging. These walks generally last about five hours and wind through more montane areas. Whilst the paths are well maintained, they may also be a bit rocky in spots.

Level Three Walks

A level three walk involves trekking over mountainous terrain. Therefore, it is more strenuous. Plan to take five to seven hours on this excursion. Walkers may have to carry a backpack for an overnight stay. Height variances can range from 500 to 1,000 metres during a walk.

Level Four Walks

Level four walks entail challenging treks through mountains. Walkers may carry backpacks for several nights. Usually, these walks last up to eight hours at a time. Height differences may span up to 1,200 metres per day. Never take a level four walk unless you are in top physical shape.