Why Cycling Holidays Are Europe’s Hottest New Tourism Trend

It might be that you’ve always wanted to tour the beautiful Italian countryside or see “The Eternal City” in Rome itself. It might be that you’ve always dreamed of seeing the Parthenon or ruins of the ancient Greek forums and theatres that speak to the past and present splendour of Greece. It might be that you’ve always longed to take a trip through “England’s mountains green”.

Cycling Holidays

Whatever your vacation destination of choice might be, one thing is for sure. Touring those scenic historic locations could be all the sweeter while doing so whilst cycling.

Cycling holidays are among the hottest new vacation ideas today and it’s no mystery why. Here are a few benefits that you can expect when you book a cycling holiday from Hooked on Cycling.

Local Culture, Colour, and Cuisine

Whatever your vacation destination might be, when you arrive, you’re surely going to want to immerse yourself in all the local culture, colour, and, of course, cuisine that the area has to offer! For as nice as a chauffeured bus tour of the English, French, German, or Italian countrysides might be, there’s simply no substitute for the fresh air and unfettered access and freedom that you’ll be able to enjoy in these beautiful locations with a cycling tour. Ride through areas of the English countryside that have inspired everything from Sir Gawain and the Green Knight to Pride and Prejudice. Cycle through wine countries in Italy or the history-laden areas of Greece.

Cycling holidays allow you to experience the natural and cultural splendour of Britain and Europe as never before!

Take the Scenic Route

A standard bus tour might take you past some of the more common, tourist-laden paths – but perhaps you want to evoke your inner Robert Frost and “Take the road less travelled by” in your vacation. Cycling holidays are a great way to “take the scenic route”, literally and figuratively. You’ll not only get to see places and experience areas that are generally less accessible by bus tours but take in the full beauty of the surrounding area.

“The road less travelled by” is, when it comes to cycling holidays, a road definitely worth taking!

Vacation with Exercise

Another great benefit of booking a cycling holiday? The actual cycling, of course! Whether you’re a cycling aficionado, a fitness buff, or just someone looking to stretch your legs and burn off some calories from enjoying all that local cuisine, a cycling holiday is a great way to enjoy your vacation while getting a little exercise in.

Whether you’re planning your own Roman Holiday, want to rent A Room with a View in Italy, or simply go London Calling, a cycling holiday is a great way to experience some of the world’s true natural and cultural treasures in a truly unique and immersive way!