Best Game of Thrones Tour Croatia

Game of thrones tour Dubrovnik will make you travel the game of thrones exact shooting locations in Croatia. It is advisable to book your tour from a trusted travel agent. It will be better to watch the game of throne series to get excited to come to the same place where this series was filmed. It is advisable to have a look on the game of thrones Dubrovnik map before visiting this place. You must carry a photo camera/video camera while in Dubrovnik tour. This place has one of the best tourist’s amenities and other facilities.

Where in Croatia is game of thrones filmed?

  • Revelin Square
  • Zarkovica hill
  • Visit Pile Gate
  • Walls of Dubrovnik
  • Old Town -Dubrovnik
  • Jesuit stairs Dubrovnik
  • St Dominic Street Dubrovnik
  • Visit to King’s landing location in Dubrovnik

The above-mentioned locations are necessary visit site in the city of Dubrovnik. When you reach here, you are in the UNESCO world heritage site. This is a preserved cultural place too. Most of these locations are easy to go by walk.

How to Reach Dubrovnik?

Dubrovnik coordinates are 42.6507° North and 18.0944° east. You can alight here to Game of thrones tour Dubrovnik. You can hire taxi and boat locally to roam about hits old and new town. The best time to visit here is during the summer season. The months between March and October are much favorable for tourists.

Game of Thrones Boat Tour Dubrovnik

If you wish to get the full view glimpse of the game of throne sites, a boat tour will be the best to hire. You can take a ride on this silent seawater and view all location from a nearby distance and from far away. It is advisable to book your boat tour in advance. The Game of thrones tour Dubrovnik from the seawater will give you a great view of the historic Dubrovnik wall.

Game of Thrones Walking Tour Dubrovnik

Game of thrones tour Dubrovnik by walk is the best to see all filmed location within two hours. You can find a daily tour operator in Dubrovnik. They give you a local guide to describe all the events and shoots, which have taken place during the filming of game of throne. It is advisable to go by walk for the game of throne enthusiast. It will be a difficult task to walk for the aged people or people with the moving disability. They can also take his tour by assisted help form their friends or family members.

The Game of thrones tour Dubrovnik is a popular thing to do once in Croatia. It is a tourist friendly place. It will be better to read Dubrovnik game of thrones shooting location reviews online. Then only anyone can enjoy this tour. You can book online and get some discounts and offers on your game of throne Dubrovnik tour. An advance booking is advisable as the hotels and flight tickets are much in demand.