Experience the best sailing recreation at Windward Sea Venture

Escaping the buzz of the city? Looking for a perfect spot where you can relax and have fun? You must visit the Windward Sea Venture. They offer dinner cruise Kemah and a lot of activities you surely would love. Kemah is located in Texas where you can witness a breathtaking view of the bay. You can try waterfront dining, theme-park, touch pools, and rainforest view.

 About Windward Sea Venture

The company is based at Kemah, Texas and mainly offers activities on cruises. You can try having a romantic date at their private cruises and eat the sumptuous meal they offer. Apart from romantic dates, cruise activities are perfect for getting together and reunions. It is a very unique way to bond with friends and loved ones.

Services Offered

They offer a 3-hour private cruise for a group of 2-4 people. Enjoy riding a 34’ sailboat while enjoying the beautiful view of the bay. Apart from the scenery, they offer an amazing meal that will satisfy your taste buds. A 3-hour private cruise is approximately costs $450 which includes the sailboat usage, captain, and the assisting staff.

Besides riding a fantastic sailboat, they also offer mouth-watering meals. Their menu has chicken dishes, seafood, and butcher’s block. One of their special dishes is Chicken Alfredo with Fettuccini and Hazelnut Crusted Snapper Fillet. If you’re looking for meat, you can try BBQ baby back ribs and New York Sirloin Strip. You can add up a potato salad or coleslaw to complete your meal. Meals range from $20 to $55.

You can also try learning how to drive the sailboat. Windward SeaVenture offers short sailing courses and it is certified by the American Sailing Association (ASA). You’ll be learning different types of sailboat with the best mentoring of a captain. To know more about the sailing school, you can check them here.

They are also open for big group activities like Team building. It is a unique experience and it is one way of recharging the energies of your employees after work. If you’re interested to book a sailboat, you can drop to their site.

Windward SeaVenture offers “Movie Night on the Dock in Kemah” as well.  The activity is conducted at Pier 3 in Waterford Harbor. They provide the grilling equipment’s if you’ll ever be having BBQs for the movie marathon. They use the BYOB and BYOC (bring your own bottle & bring your own chair) policy. You can bring snacks and movies will start when the sun is set.

Charter Management at Windward SeaVenture

Besides sailing courses and sailboat activities, they also offer charter management. If you own a sailboat, Windward Sea Venture Charters, LLC will supervise and handle your sailboat. The net income is divided by a ratio of 50:50 deducting the tax, fuel, cleaning and insurance fees of your boat. They will send you a detailed statement of your income and you can also use your boat any time without restrictions.