Five facilities that make the railways the coolest transportation

From the day the first commercial train in the country ran in 1853, the railways has been evolving and developing to serve its users better. The travel experience has improved immensely over the years, and today, it won’t be wrong to say that Railways is the topmost preferred mode of travelling in the country. There are many reasons why people prefer travelling on a train. While for some the fares work, while for others it is just the feeling of travelling smoothly without any humps or bumps on the road. Needless to say, Railways is the coolest transport service.

Here are five facilities that have made the railways the nonchalant transposition service in the country –

Green railway –

Like most of the country’s companies, Railways is also going green. The Indian Railways is taking a big foot forward to create an environment-friendly transport service. This is a very wise move considering all the pollution that the earth is presently experiencing. The first step towards a green world was to introduce the electric trains. Trains that run on electricity will cause less global pollution. The department has set a target of seven years to electrify 36,000 km of the overall railway track in the country. The Railways is also working towards reducing the diesel consumption by introducing dual fuel trains which will run on both diesel and CNG. They are also contemplating to switch major railway stations to solar power. Introduction of bio-toilets is also an eco-friendly move.

Better customer satisfaction –

While providing cheap transportation services, Railways lagged behind earlier in providing customer satisfaction. They have rectified the ignorance by initiatives like the introduction of a universal helpline for medical, food and maintenance issues. The bio-toilets are also better in cleanliness and hygiene. Cleaner coaches and better service have made Railways the most reliable transportation service today.

Waiting lounges –

This super comfortable feature is not available for buses or taxis. At railway stations, you have clean and swanky waiting lounges that are no less than good hotels at some railway stations. The waiting lounges are important because travellers, especially elderly ones need to rest before they begin the journey. The lounges are also helpful if the trains run late or cancelled.

E Catering –

Food becomes a big concern when you are travelling, especially long distances. Getting out of the train at stops and buying food can be a bit risky for old people. So, the Railways have introduced e-catering service that will allow the passengers to order meals online on a specific website or they can call a toll-free number and order food. They just have to provide their PNR and seat number, and the food will be delivered to their seats. For this, you can pay online, or there is cash on delivery service too.

Online service –

From checking train availability to booking your tickets, you can do anything online. It is a convenient move by the Railways because the whole world runs on the internet today. You can book, cancel and pay for your tickets online.

These are some cool stuff about Railways that makes it so famous.