IRCTC Allows Full Refund on Tatkal Ticket Cancellation in 5 Situations. Check Details Here

You would already be aware of the fact that as per the new rule, IRCTC will charge 100% of the ticket amount for the cancellation of Tatkal Ticket which in confirmed. This provision was to ensure that there is no misuse of the facility offered by IRCTC. So, if you wish to book a Tatkal or Premium Tatkal ticket then you can visit the IRCTC Next Generation website at and start booking the ticket using your IRCTC Login ID and Password.

Also, you must know that there are 5 typical scenarios when IRCTC will refund the ticket booking amount for you. To help you in understanding such scenarios, we have listed the details below. You can go through these 5 points to know if you are eligible for a refund or not.

5 Scenarios where IRCTC allows Full Refund on Tatkal Ticket

  • Waitlist–This is one of the obvious reason for the refund. If you had your ticket in RAC Status or in Waitlist then you can simply cancel the train ticket and you will get the fullrefund of your amount. Only the service charge will be deducted. The cancellation fee is 100% only for the confirmed tickets so you need to worry while booking the ticket in waitlist.
  • Delay in Scheduled Departure– If you have a boarding point which is not the same as the originating point and if the train gets delayed by over 3 hours then you are eligible for a fullrefund. You can request a cancellation and the refund will be credited to your account.
  • Coach Not attached– There are times when the IRCTC isn’t able to attach the coach to the train. In such a case, if your seat number was in the coach which has not been attached and if IRCTC is not able to accommodate you in the same class then you can go ahead and request a cancellation. You will be given a fullrefund for the same.
  • Cancellation of Train or Route Diversion– If in case, the train has been cancelled then you receive a full Moreover, there are also sometimes when IRCTC may have to change the route of the journey. If you are not willing to travel on the new route or if your de-boarding station doesn’t fall on the new route then you can also request a cancellation and claim a fullrefund.
  • Class Downgrade– So, if due to any circumstance, you are accommodated to a lower class, you can request a refund. If you wish to travel in the lower class then you will get a partial refund and this refund will be the difference in fare in these two classes.

These are the five different cases when you can get the refund of the reservation amount. You can visit the IRCTC Next Generation Website and file a TDR to get the refunds. Post verification, the refund will be credited to your account which was used for booking the tickets.