Owning a business in Australia: Business Owner Visa Australia and Business Owner Permanent Visa Australia

Owning a business can have its own perks. Apart from the tax benefits and tremendous scope for progress, you also get a beautiful country to do business in. Australia has figured in the top five of quality of living index for the past few years consistently. There are quite a few businesses that have migrated to Australia and have prospered. Before you decide to relocate your business permanently, there are quite a few necessary conditions that must meet before you get a business owner permanent visa Australia.

  • You must be the holder of a business owner visa Australia (may be provisional in nature).
  • A year before you decide to make an application for it, your business in the country must have at least two full time Australian citizens as your employees.
  • Your assets, both business and personal included, must be at least AUS$ 250,000 for a year before submit your application.
  • Out of this, the main business assets should be no less than AUS$ 100,000 for a year before the application is filed.
  • For a year before the filing of the application, your business turnover must be at least AUS$ 300,000.
  • Before you have made a request for this application, you must be directly involved in the management of one or more than one businesses for a period of at least two years.

  • You are the holder of an Australian Business Number (ABN) for each of your businesses and have the Business Activity Statements (BAS) for that period and have submitted the same to the ATO and have also included these statements in the application.
  • You and/or your spouse should not have any involvement in a kind of business that is not generally accepted in Australia.
  • You must be the holder of a business owner visa Australia for a period of one or two years.

The measures that need to be followed for a permanent visa are stringent but once completed; your business can enjoy all benefits that the Australian community bestows upon its trade facilitators. Also, the steps mentioned above are more lengthy than tedious. It just requires operating your business continuously and honestly, in the country without breaking any laws. The monetary limits mentioned in the requirements may seem too much when converted to other currencies but are the basic minimal amounts that established businesses generally make in Australia.

A worthy effort:

Going through the pains of checking every single requirement on that list is definitely worth it. Not only because it allows you to gain a permanent visa but also because of the numerous doors that are opened to you once you become a permanent business owner in the country. Apart from the scope of growth of trade, you can also bring over your family members for stay and educational purposes. Concluding, those who have been running their own business in Australia know that these rules are the basic guidelines that you have to follow there.