Save money on the vacation packages

There are many benefits for taking advantage of cheap vacation packages. There may be a few reasons you can and should travel using the packages. Since the main goal when offering steep discounts on hotel accommodations is to fill up the rooms and get some referral business coming in, hotels sometimes offer extra incentives, like passes to nearby attractions, complimentary room upgrades, dining vouchers, etc. Not every deal has an added incentive, but if it does, it will end up helping you save even more money on your vacation.

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Special discounts:

Most of the time, when travelling on cheap vacation packages you will find that there is a certain time frame to book, usually 12-18 months, and within that time frame, you can travel whenever you want. This is a huge benefit and we typically find that holidays and peak seasons are difficult to book, either the rooms are sold out or they cost too much to make it worthwhile. With most vacation package deals, we are given the rooms, set aside, for priority reservations, so not only does purchase a package lock you in at that special discounted rate, it also helps ensure you have the room for the dates you want. StayPromo is based out of Orlando, Florida, so it makes sense that we focus on helping the Florida tourism thrive.

Exciting locations:

 We had almost 70 million visitors for 2017. With that being said, we also have many other destinations we promote, too, like Myrtle Beach and Branson. We’re always searching for new, exciting locations to offer our travellers. We’re currently reaching out to other properties in places like Costa Rica, Cancun, Vegas, and even Thailand. The point is, vacations can cost thousands of dollars, so looking online for cheap vacation packages will not only help you save money, but you may even find a location you would really enjoy, but maybe never even considered because of how expensive the resorts and airfare are. If you can save 80% on your hotel stay, there is no excuse not to go. Now, this is a benefit only if you take advantage of it. Joining a timeshare or vacation club can provide big savings. Becoming a member of a travel club or timeshare company can offer incredible perks, like discounts, earn points, friend/family referral bonuses, etc.