The Disadvantages of Cruising in Bigger Ships and Why You Should Switch to Yacht Charters

Most travelers are torn between two options: to board a cruise ship or to book yacht charters. While the former is undoubtedly popular among many tourists, a chartered yacht was able to change the game by offering sailing opportunities to places that are similarly docked by the larger ships. Why do you have to opt for a smaller ship instead? Consider the following disadvantages of cruising on a “floating hotel”:

  • The cruise ship is so huge that you may need a map to avoid getting lost inside.
  • Larger ships cannot set anchor on smaller port of calls, which results to you not actually feeling the sea and nature around you.
  • Long lines to buffet tables are common in cruise ships as there are a lot of passengers to be accommodated.
  • Amenities in larger ships are meant to be shared with other passengers. While they may be bigger in size, the fact that the number of people using the amenities is not proportional to the space available makes it impossible to enjoy them in your privacy.
  • Unless you are outside of your berth or any other facilities inside the cruise ship, you have a limited view of the sea, which does not feel like you are actually cruising from coast to coast.
  • Since it is bigger, cruise liners demand a higher cost, which can be a disadvantage for those who are looking for ways to travel on a meager budget.

All these are the most common problems faced by frequent cruise passengers. Thankfully, you do not have to endure or experience them by opting for yacht charters with the same functions of a bigger ship. They are also less troublesome and allow you to travel in style. Whether you want to experience sailing Sicily or the coasts of South America, you have great options with chartered yacht cruises.

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In order to acquaint you with the specifics of a cabin charter, here is a round-up of the common features that you will witness by sailing in a yacht:

  • Smaller amenities – These should not be viewed as a downside but rather an advantage because these create a form of exclusivity. You are not forced to share these facilities with other people if you have booked your trip with your own group of travelers. There is nothing worse than feeling like packed sardines in a pool and fighting for a spot on the deck for that much-needed sea viewing and contemplation.
  • Smaller crew – There is only the captain and two to three mariners to ensure smooth sailing in the seas. You can address them by their names and interact with them, especially if you are looking for tips on how to best stretch the days with on-land tours.
  • Private Chef – All of the sailing vacations on a yacht include a private chef whom you can ask to serve you and your group with dishes that suit your tastes. The chef ensures that you are properly nourished and allows you to request for a sumptuous dinner under the stars.
  • Gears for water activities – You have the option to enjoy water activities that are seldom experienced in a bigger ship due to it having a swimming pool on the deck.
  • Cozy cabins – Granted, a cruise ship offers elegant suites for its passengers. However, they are not as cozy as when you are in a yacht’s cabin. Most yacht charters have well-kept cabins that are snug and ideal for those who tend to experience seasickness. Most chartered yachts such as those deployed by Intersailclub offer a relaxing sleep while you sail from one port of call to another at night.