The Impact and Implication of LMIA Processing Time

There is the concept of Labor market Impact Assessment or LMIA. This is the most important part of the procedure when the Canadian employers are willing to hire temporary foreign workers. Based on the nature of the job and the industry type a positive and perfect LMIA should be issued before a TFW can be applied in form of a temporary work permit. Here lies the essence of Canada LMIA processing time. When the Canadian employers are looking for TFW, there is often the pressing necessity to fill the jobs that remain open just for a while. Thus, the important question is what would be the processing time for LMIA.

Variation in the LMIA Processing Time

It is important to learn about the Canada LMIA process. The time taken for the processing of LMIA can vary. In case of certain skilled jobs, the time taken for processing can be more than 10 days. With most of the jobs that are in need of LMIA, the processing can be done by the Employment and Social Development Canada or ESDC. In certain cases, the time taken for the same can be longer. However, there are certain steps taken by the employers to avoid the possible delay in processing. In order to get LMIA done in time, you should do things with precision.

Looking for the Right Candidate

The employers should prove that they have to try hard looking for a suitable candidate who is a permanent citizen of Canada and has the qualification to apply for the job. If you go through the application form you will find the special section where the employers talk about their efforts in finding a suitable candidate. However, the search for the suitable employee should take place before applying for LMIA. There are recent changes demanding the employers to make use of the Government of Canada’s Job Bank as part of the search for the suitable candidate.

Candidates are invited

You can gather many details regarding Canada LMIA processing time. However, within the first 30 days when the job is posted the employers should be inviting the candidates with the best of ranking to apply for the employment. This is a kind of open job venue where you can apply with freedom. The required ranking can change depending on the classification of the position based on high wage and low wage. Without conducting the apt recruitment the employer risks the ESDC/Service Canada, and this can cause rejection of the LMIS application.

The exactness of the Application

The processing time for LMIA depends on the exactness and correctness of the application. The application form comes with the detailing, and you have the specific time for Canada LMIA process. In case there are faults with the application then you might have to wait for things to get processed. The application form should come with the detailing for all good reasons. The Canada ESDC service should make sure that hiring a TFW will not take the job away for the eligible and the skilled Canadian applicant. Moreover, the government will need to verify the authenticity of the employer and see to the fact that whether he is running a legitimate business. There should be an actual job value and that TFW is being invited to do the job.