Why Should You Book A Limo Rather Than An Uber Car?

Uber has created a disruption in the transportation service across the world. There is no doubt that Uber service is great but they are not suitable for every occasion. For example, when you are landing at the airport, it will take time to get an Uber car as there is always a huge demand. Even if you pre-book to go from Newark Airport, you have to find out outside the airport gate. Most importantly, Uber cars can be any in condition and you have no way to know that and it can create a bad impression on your companions. Instead, if you book a limo from Newark Airport to Princeton NJ or any other nearby city or area, you can get the best possible transportation service and you will be praised for making such a luxurious booking beforehand.

limo from Newark airport to Princeton NJ

A Limo Over AN Uber Car –

Cost Comparison – Many people avail Uber thinking that it is going to cost less than other transportation services. Such people also think that booking a limo is going to be very expensive because it is a luxurious car with a separate compartment for passengers and all the facilities are available for the passengers to chill privately. But they do not know that Uber is good only for a short distance as when the journey gets long, the other transportation services like taxi and limo are going to cost around the same price as Uber. If you book a limo from Newark airport to Princeton NJ, it is going to cost you the same as an Uber service as the drive time over around an hour.

Comfort Comparison – There is literally no comparison between the comfort and privacy you get in a limousine and an Uber car. An Uber car is slightly better than a local taxi but a limo is a vehicle of the next level. You can have your food, lie down on the couch, watch TV, listen to music, and whatnot inside the passenger compartment that is separated from the driver by a partition. You can get the chilly breeze from the AC and even hot air during chilly winter.

Security – The security of a limo is unmatched. Not just the privacy of the passenger, the personal security aspect is completely taken care of. The glasses are bulletproof and the seats are shockproof. It is a like a luxurious dream room completely separated from the rest of the world.