5 Unique Things to Do in Wellington

Wellington is a fantastic city and while most of you will want to do the standard things when visiting like going to see some of the tourist attractions, we think that you should also consider doing something a little different when vacationing there. You’d actually be quite surprised at the more unique things that can be done in the capital.

Whether you want to visit a cat statue or play a bit of mini-golf with a difference you should continue reading to see four unique things that you can do when you visit Wellington in New Zealand.

Check Out a Massive Squid

A good start would be to go and see the worlds only specimen of the colossal squid at the Museum of New Zealand. This huge squid was fished out of New Zealand waters back in 2007 and weighs an impressive 495kg. This can be found at the Te Papa Museum in Wellington and we can promise that you will not be disappointed at this underwater monster. Oh, and don’t worry, it is dead by the way!

Visit a Monument Dedicated to a Cat

Unless you were to go to somewhere like Egypt, you’re not likely to find any monuments that have been erected for a cat. However, in Wellington, you will find one, a monument that is dedicated to a cute little pussy called Mrs.Chippy. This little cat was a part of ErnestShackleton’s Endurance expedition to the freezing and extreme environment of Antarctica. This statue was placed in the Karori Cemetry back in 2014.

Enjoy Some Gentleman’s Time

If you’re of the male variety and are looking for some entertainment of the adult kind, then Dreamgirls is somewhere you might want to visit. This is one of the best strip clubs in New Zealand and definitely the best in Wellington. Gorgeous women, great prices, and a bar that will keep your refreshed when you start to get a little hot under the collar are just some of the reasons why you should be visiting this place.

Play the Most Artistic Game of Mini-Gold Ever

Wellington is also home to possibly the coolest and environmentally friendly mini-golf course in the world. At Carlucci Land, you’ll be able to enjoy 18-holes on a course that was created by Carl Gifford, an artist that used recycled materials to create an artistic, rustic, junkyard look. If you’re a fan of swinging a club and have a bit of spare time, we strongly suggest that you check it out.

We could go on of course as Wellington is certainly a hotbed when it comes to unique and unusual things that you can do if you’re bored of the major tourist attractions. Just start with the above for now and you will quickly learn of a few other places you can visit while you are there.