Experience New Zealand Wildlife with A Vacation Rental

There are some beautiful natural locations in the world. With so many places to choose from, it can be difficult for a nature enthusiast to actually choose. Before you can decide on a spot, your best bet is to decide on a country. It is always a great decision to hike and experience your local treasures before taking on the rest of the world, but who are we to say where you should start!

Hiking in New Zealand vacation rental websites

New Zealand is a small island in the South Pacific. It might not have a large population or land mass, but it is filled with breathtakingly beautiful vistas, mountains, and hiking trails. If you are a nature lover you would have definitely heard about New Zealand at some point. This pristine setting has been home to many adventures and movie settings, including The Lord of The Rings. Take a trip down to Tolkien’s world and make your nature dreams come true.

If you have decided on New Zealand then check out this guide to all the best vacation rental websites. They offer hikes in the nearby Tongariro Alpine Crossing, one of the most famous alpine crossings in the world. This route has been active for many years and is probably the most popular route available on the island.

The accommodation made available by these websites will ensure you have an amazing experience while in comfort. There are different options available for everyone, including both huts and camping spots.Just make sure you speak with the owner first and check they have no bad reviews or if there are some small concerns in their reviews section, then ask the owner if these issues have been resolved.

Tongariro Alpine Crossing  

The hike itself isn’t too long, totaling 19.4km. This is usually completed in about 5-6 hours at an average walking pace, so you shouldn’t struggle to finish it during the day, even if you happen to oversleep.

The start of the hike is a distance inside a protected wildlife area, which means you will need to get transport from the lodges to the start. This is no problem with the vacation rentals here, as many have arranged private shuttle services with a local company.

his service is also the earliest shuttle service available to Tongariro Alpine Crossing. This is beneficial because of two reasons. One, the majority of your hiking will be completed in the morning, meaning you won’t have to struggle through the heat of the day; and two, the majority of hikers, sometimes 1,000 a day, arrive slightly later with the other shuttle companies, meaning you will miss the crowds and have a lot more peace and quiet than usually available.

This crossing is beautiful, covering various environments. You will experience plenty of water, green fields, and snow if you come during the right season. Take your time and enjoy yourself by making your vacation rental your base. They also offer the closest accommodation to the start of the hike, actually bordering the crossing. This area is pristine and puts you in the center of nature, ensuring that your entire experience, from morning to night, is one of peace, quiet, and beautiful scenery.

Booking is available online all the websites provided in the guide above. A word of advice though – be sure to book in advance, especially during peak seasons.