What Makes Komodo Island the Ideal Place to Visit

Komodo Island is only a short flight far from the glitzy Bali, but this island paradise has spectacular attraction features that make one feel like they are in heaven on earth. For instance, site visitors are invited to step into the enthralling world of the famous Komodo dragon, these prehistoric lizardsare said to be the only dinosaurs left in the world.

The island is the best place for thoseseeking out a unique and unforgettable experience inthis lovely land as it has plenty of natural splendors to be enjoyed by nature enthusiasts since the Island is widely famed for its diverse wildlife endowment.

Diving sites found there are really brilliant enhanced by the effortlessly nestles within the world famous Asia Pacific Coral Triangle. With over 1,000 species of tropical fish and 250 species of coral the Island is referred to as one of the best diving spots in the world.

But that is not all! Komodo Island is also acknowledged for its spectacular beaches. One even has sands that are pinkish hue; alongside its breathtaking sunset spots.

Unique tourist attraction features

One of the must places to visit in Komodo Island is the land of Flores which is stuffed to the brim with herbal beauty and enthralling lifestyle, a haven for the ones eager to explore a road less traveled.

Compared to its properly-trodden neighbor Bali, Flores seems like a mysterious land. Tourists generally tend to use it entirely as a gateway from labuan bajo to komodo Island, and a few depart without being charmed by this captivating mainland.

Here are some of the artwork, subculture, and nature, to be enjoyed when one travels to this lovely island, these Florinese treasures will definitely appeal you.

·         Colonial remains

The term Flores means ‘flower’ in the Portuguese language, and it is the only footprint left through the island’s 16th century colonists.

Colonial structures are found throughout the island. The Catholic culture is also mixed with the neighborhood customs. For instance, precise fairs like Semana Santa, a weeklong 16th century fashion Easter celebration, can nevertheless be found in Flores’ town Larantuka.

·         Rich ancient traditions

There are more or less 10 exceptional ethnicities in Flores, and you may enjoy an antique world allure when touring the indigenous villages in Flores like WaeRebo and Bajawa. There are plenty of ancient rites and traditions, tribal architecture and traditional arts for one to engage in.

·         Ikat weaving

The Flores hand-woven cloth known as Ikat, is world famous. This traditional fabric is splendidly woven and dyed manually with natural substances like leaves, wooden and roots. Each pattern symbolizes a tale, and styles that vary among villages.

·         Natural wonders

Upon making the decision to explore this island, one is treated to the natural splendor in abundance. The multi colored lakes of Kelimutu, the spider web rice fields in Ruteng and the fishing-village of Riung with its 17-island Marine Park are some of the few gem stones to discover in this lovely island.

The other activity one should not miss when on a trip to Flores is to stay at an area in which you could revel in the allure of Flores’ art, subculture and nature. AYANA Komodo Resort, Waecicu Beach offers a sanctuary with traditional Flores ornament touches, attentive local staffs and superb nature view.

Other attraction sites in Komodo Island

Underwater adventure

There are over 50 world-elegance dive web sites round the Komodo Island, with over 1,000 tropical fish, 250 species of coral and common sightings of distinctive marine mammals. Whether you are a professional diver or asnorkel fanatic, Komodo Island guarantees an unforgettable underwater journey.

Kanawa Island

This island located near Labuan Bajo has the azure water round this secluded island making it a snorkeling and freediving paradise. Coral reefs found here are also outstanding, with colorful schools of fish, sea mammals, turtles, and other wonderful marine species.