A Guide to the Benefits and Drawbacks of Campus Housing

This summer, you’ll have a lot of decisions to make before you start college in the autumn. One of the most important decisions you’ll make (after picking a university, of course!) is whether you’ll live on or off-campus. Not all incoming freshmen have the option to live on campus, but if your school has an open-campus policy or you’re a returning upperclassman, we’ve put together a list of the benefits and drawbacks of doing so.

The Advantages:

  • Socialization-After providing students with a somewhere to sleep when they’re not studying, one of the main goals of on-campus housing is to foster community. One of the main reasons why many institutions require incoming freshmen to reside on campus is because of this. It contributes to the development of university identity and allows students to form bonds with their peers.
  • Convenience-Dorm life is supposed to be convenient, and living on campus means you won’t have to worry about your everyday needs as much. Of course, you’ll still have to set your own alarm clock and learn how to use a vacuum, but on-campus housing may take a lot of the stress out of finding a place to live.
  • Infrastructure-Cleaning and cooking aren’t the only benefits of living on campus. WiFi, cable television, furnished rooms, on-site support staff, security measures, and even gyms, shops, and laundry facilities are all standard features in most dorms.

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The Negatives:

  • There is less privacy-Dorm life may provide a ready-made group of pals, but it may also make it tough to get away from everyone. Dorm life can be difficult to adjust to if you’re a quiet person who requires space and seclusion. Even if you enjoy being surrounded by people, on-campus accommodation isn’t necessarily the most optimal environment for studying (or sleeping). However, before jumping ship and moving off campus, look into your school’s housing choices.
  • Less Freedom-Speaking of policies, it’s crucial to understand the underlying regulations of living in a dorm before deciding to live on-campus. Sure, it’s handy and social, but communal housing can only function under pretty severe supervision and respect to rules. On-campus housing conduct is governed by policies in most schools.
  • More Expensive-While dorm life may appear to be convenient and entertaining, it can also be costly. So check the arithmetic before signing a lease on that too-good-to-be-true penthouse two blocks from college to be sure you’re still getting a fair bargain. Check out monash university accomodation for more information.