Top 5 Places to Visit in Shanghai, China

If you’re visiting Shanghai, you’ll want to spend some time shopping for souvenirs or exploring the city’s beautiful scenery, as soon as you get off the Cathay Pacific flight. There are many great places to visit when you go to Shanghai, including Tianzifang, Yuyuan Garden, and Nanjing Road. Visiting these places is the best way to see Shanghai in a different way, while still getting the most out of your trip.


If you are planning to visit Shanghai, you should definitely check out Tianzifang, a place with countless cool shops and restaurants. This area of the city is especially popular with the fashionably young. Many of these establishments are open-air, making them ideal for a night out. There are also a lot of things to do while you are there, including taking pictures and shopping for designer clothing.

Tianzifang is a popular shopping district in Shanghai, although not as famous as the better-known Xintiandi district. It is home to a number of historic buildings, alleys, and streetscapes that are still reminiscent of the old French Quarter.

Yuyuan Garden

The Yuyuan Garden is one of the most beautiful classical Chinese gardens in Shanghai, and it is well worth a visit when visiting the city. The garden, which was inaugurated in the Ming dynasty, has been restored to its original beauty, and is a beautiful sight. It is a great place to take in the culture and tradition of China, and it also boasts an exhibition hall where you can see stone carvings in action.

Besides the Yuyuan Garden, you should also visit the Yuyuan Bazaar, located adjacent to the garden. This market is filled with souvenir shops and stalls, as well as a great variety of local food and snacks. Moreover, the Yuyuan Bazaar offers a great opportunity to see how Chinese people live.

Yuyuan Market

Yuyuan Market

The Yuyuan Market is an ancient Chinese market situated in Shanghai’s Old City. Its development dates back to the Qing dynasty. Its name literally means “market of the gods”. As a result, this market offers a wide variety of products from food to souvenirs.

It’s an ideal place to pick up local delicacies, especially dim sum. There are many street stalls as well as restaurants in the area. You can try pigeon egg dumplings, vegetable stuffed buns, and eight-treasure rice pudding. The market is easily accessible via Metro Line 8 or by walking. The best time to visit Yuyuan Market is Monday to Friday.

While visiting Shanghai, make sure to visit the Yu Yuan Bazaar. You can enjoy the beautiful classic gardens surrounding the market. In addition to shopping, you can also take a walk through the old part of the city. This place is especially popular during the Lantern Festival, when hundreds of lanterns light the streets. If you visit during the day, you’ll find it less crowded than at night.

Nanjing Road

Taking a stroll down Nanjing Road when visiting Shanghai is a great way to get a feel for the city’s nightlife and shopping. This six-mile street is the equivalent of Fifth Avenue in New York and features international and local retailers, as well as department stores and restaurants. It is pedestrian-friendly and offers everything from local specialty shops to modern, sleek shopping malls. It is also a popular place for children, with many children’s shops and play areas on the ground floor.

The western end of Nanjing Road has a metro station, where you can catch a train to the People’s Square area. This metro station is also close to the Urban Planning Exhibition Center, which features exhibits on the evolution of Shanghai from a traditional fishing village to a super modern world metropolis. You can also visit the Shanghai Museum, which has a rich collection of historic Chinese art. There are collections of bronze, ceramics, jades, furniture, seals, and paintings.

Shanghai Disneyland

Shanghai Disneyland is a theme park located in Pudong, Shanghai, China. Part of the Shanghai Disney Resort, Shanghai Disneyland is operated by Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products, a division of Disney. It is a joint venture between Disney and the Shanghai Shendi Group. This joint venture allows both companies to operate their parks in China, while maintaining a high quality of service for their customers.

Shanghai Disneyland offers a range of shows and parades. It’s best to plan your trip in advance to avoid missing any of the action. To help you plan your trip, Shanghai Disneyland offers an App that offers live standby times, parade times, and a park map offline. The Shanghai Disneyland App allows users to plan their visit before they arrive to save time.

Avoiding peak typhoon season

When it comes to weather in Shanghai, it is best to avoid the peak months of July and August. These months are usually muggy and rainy and are the peak typhoon season, which means that you may have to deal with some rain for a few days. Also, be aware of typhoon activity, as these storms will often hit Hong Kong or Taiwan before they reach Shanghai.

If you’re visiting during the typhoon season, it is a good idea to pack a stormproof bag or food in case you get caught out in the storm. Keep an eye out for warning signals. While most typhoons have very little impact on the city, some can be devastating. You can even miss your flight to Shanghai during this time if you choose to visit during this time of year.

Another good time to visit Shanghai is during the autumn season. Golden leaves make the People’s Square a spectacular sight. You can also visit the Shanghai Museum and take in its collection of over 100,000 cultural relics. Alternatively, you can visit the Zhujiajiao Water Town to see ancient bridges and unique buildings. While winter can be cold in Shanghai, it can still be pleasant in some ways.