Experience wonders in the lion city with family and friends

Singapore is a city where you find mesmerizing things and various wonderful activities. If you will visit the place, plan accordingly to avoid missing a thing. There are many things to do in Singapore. And one of them is your visit to the last Kmapong. Because it is the most famous place to visit in Singapore, you shouldn’t miss the chance to see the “last Kampong” if you want to do some sightseeing there. Twenty-six happy families live in Singapore’s last Kampong, a great place to live. The calmness of the environment is shown by the fact that there are friendly hens that aren’t meant to be eaten and that you can hear natural sounds even in the middle of the city. Both things make it feel like you’re not in the middle of a busy city.

If you want to go to the last Kampong, which is actually privately owned, you will need to hire a guide so you don’t get lost. With the help of the tour guide, you’ll be able to talk to locals, participate in activities, and learn a lot about the unique things about the area.

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A tour guide will help you to learn more about the places you visit in Singapore

A trip to the strange Haw Par home, which looks like a mix of a spooky amusement park and an old building, is not to be missed. The house looks like a mix of a scary amusement park and an old piece of history. Traditional Chinese beliefs live in the park, and many of them are shown in terrible ways in the park.

The statues in this park tell you that you will die terribly if you don’t study for your tests or treat your parents badly. Every kid who was a teen in the 1990s and growing up would have gone there several times with their parents to be told what would happen if they didn’t listen to their parents or treated them badly. All through their childhood, they would have gone on these trips.

Cities are almost entirely made of buildings and concrete these days. There isn’t much greenery to be found anywhere in these artificial places. Conversely, Singapore stands out from the crowd because it is the only “city in a garden.” This gives Singapore an edge over its competitors. This urban area is a mix of different cultures and foods, and the infrastructure on the city island is built with the environment in mind.