Detailed Explanation Of The ESTA UK Visa Application

ESTA or the Electronic System of Travel Authorisation is an online application procedure for all individuals willing to travel to the USA. ESTA UK visa application is for UK residents travelling to the United States. The approved application remains valid for a time span of two years or when the passport of the traveller expires before the expiry of two years. Approved travel authorisation offers 90 days of stay per visit to travellers visiting the United States for leisure, medical or business purposes.

ESTA for the UK nationals

There are several countries that are an integral part of the USA Visa Waiver Program and the United Kingdom is one of these countries. The VWP or Visa Waiver Program enables nationals from Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England to be eligible for an ESTA visa. This means that residents of these countries do not need to visit the office of American Embassy for availing their US visas. With their ESTA UK visa, they get the eligibility of visiting or travelling to and even within the USA without going through the obligation of availing an American visa like a B-1 or B-2 visa for travel. This means that instead of having an American tourist visa, national from the UK can get travel authorisation online simply by filling in the ESTA application form.

Limitations of ESTA

The ESTA visa remains valid for a time span of two years from the day of approval unless the passport of the national expiries during the time span of 2 years. Nationals from the United Kingdom and even from the other VWP subscribed countries can easily apply for ESTA for avoiding the long American visa procedure at the Embassy. However, it is important to note that the ESTA visa is only available or useful for individuals visiting the United States for not more than 90 days.

The online system of ESTA visa application is not only available to the British nationals looking to visit the US but even to the foreign nationals if all the Visa Waiver countries. The ones willing to reside in the US for more than 90 days or the ones who are ineligible to make an entry into the US using VWP, need to register for the B-2 tourist visa. Availing an ESTA simply permits travellers to enter the US without a visa. Travel authorisation, in no ways, offers automatic entry. The immigration officer offering his or her services at the US entry port is the one who decides on whether an individual can enter the United States or not.

The procedure of applying for a US visa is quite complicated and it is also important for the travellers to pay a visit to the American Embassy in order to get a US visa. However, this is not the case when it comes to obtaining ESTA UK visa. The requirements for obtaining electronic travel authorisation are easy and fast and can easily be carried out online. Going the online way can help individuals in saving a huge amount of time and energy.