Don’t Confined your Pleasures in Delhi

If you are getting a chance to go to Delhi from Mumbai because of a wedding; you should not miss the chance. Maybe you are going on the pretext of wedding; but it does not mean you cannot explore the splendours of that city, right?

Just plan out the trip, check the Mumbai to Delhi Flights Schedule, book the suitable tickets and fly to the capital of India. Delhi is much more than just a city of love. The city is the absolute blend of tradition and modernism. It is a city having innumerable monuments on its plate and of course a world class airport and mesmeric metro too. Whether street food, frugal markets, shopping malls, spiritualplaces, theatre, or any other thing; you name it and the capital has it for you.

A walk through a few Places of Delhi

Lotus Temple

The Lotus Temple is an architectural masterwork that will definitely make you want to go ‘wow’ but wait; you cannot speak that aloud when you are inside the temple. Yes, you have to maintain silence once you are under the realm of this temple. There are no type of sermons or ritualistic moves practised, you can just sit there in peace and pray to your respective gods. The spot is absolutely beautiful with greenery all over it.

Tomb of Safdarjung

This is a monument that was described as ‘last flicker in the lamp of Mughal architecture’. The monument was constructed in the year 1754 for statesman Safdarjung. The massive structure is enclosed by gorgeous gardens of Mughal charbagh style. You would be stunned by the peaceful environment here even though the spot is right next to busy Lodi Road. There is an innate tranquillity at this spot.

Tughlaqabad fort

This Tughlaqabad Fort was constructed by founder of the Tughlaq Dynasty in the year 1321. The spot is spread across an area of around 6.5 kilometresand it is near the well-built residential-commercial area of Tughlaqabad. You must soak up in the historic charm of this monument. It would give you a walk through past ages.

Lodhi Garden

It is a wonderful place for morning walks and family picnics. Lodhi garden is scattered over an area of nearly ninety acres. The spot has 5 gorgeous architectural works of fifteenth century- Sikander Lodi’s Tomb, Mohammed Shah’s Tomb, Sheesh Gumbad and Bara Gumbad. You can visit here even for a small picnic with your family and friend. You can even soak up in the fresh environment of this place with your partner!

India Gate

Everyone knows about the magnificent India Gate! Round the year you can see people picnicking or just relishing a wonderful walk around this area. There are gorgeous fountains around to make the space look nice and cosy. The entire area is teaming with crowed of all age groups during the evening hours. You can find balloons, ice cream stalls and much more here during the evening time.

Thus, there is much to explore in Delhi if you are in the city. Don’t keep yourself confined to the wedding; visit these discussed spots for an extra ordinary experience.