Experience On Yachts, Luxury Redefined

The idea for yachts basically comes from bigger versions of a boat. The entire mechanism of a yacht could possibly be considered as the same as a boat but more advanced. A yacht is used for luxury purposes, like to throw a party or to experience the splendid oceanic journey from one place to another. Some yachts are also used for sports purposes or to spend an entire week on it as a vacation and an escape from the city life and into the middle of the ocean.

Yachts can be classified into different types based on their purpose and the source of energy used to run them. Yachts can roughly be considered of two types:

  • Sailing yachts– Yachts that do not make use of any non-renewable source of energy and instead make use of wind to power its flanks just like in the sailing boat. They can be 20 ft to 100 ft long.
  • Motor Yachts– motor yachts, as the name suggests comes with a fitted motor engine that runs on petrol or diesel and powers the Yachts. Motor yachts are often used for Sports purposes or for travelling. An international yacht race known as the Admirals Cup is organized biennially where powerful yachts from all over the world participate in the prize.

So where did the idea of yacht come from?

Yachts, as we all know, are often linked to only rich and wealthy people. The first instance of usage of a yacht happened when the Dutch navy made use of it as a rather small boat in order to catch pirates. Later, Charles II was believed to make use of yacht as a personal vessel, to represent wealth and mark his status as Royal. The world since then was introduced to luxury boats.

Functions and Size of different Yachts

We have already learned that yachts marks royalty and importance and are used by rich people (as the hiring fees of the yacht can be too much). However, yachts are not just used for leisure purposes but also for sports and travelling purposes.

Yachts may be of varying sizes and are respectively classified. An average yacht may size between 20 to 100 feet, while a mega yacht would be somewhere between 100 to 200 feet. Any yacht above the stretch of 200 ft is considered as the super yacht.

Different Types of Yachts

  1. Express Cruiser– a yacht with a single deck and a living quarter underneath fall under this category of yachts.
  2. Sedan Bridge– these types of yachts are bigger in size compared to Express Cruisers and have extra structures for comfort and lounging purposes with a control station and a viewing spot.
  3. Skylounge– this denotation refers to a bigger sedan bridge with more advanced features and larger space.
  4. Mega Yacht– the biggest type of yachts there is. Megayachts are super-sized and have the different storey for living space with cockpit, sky lounge and all the other facilities you could imagine to be present in a luxury yacht.

Yachts are obviously pretty attractive to the eyes and the experience is even more overwhelming; but hiring a yacht could be very expensive, the reason being that it is linked to royalty.